Dealer Portal features

Active Conversation

The Active Conversations feature offers dealer managers real-time access to ongoing customer interactions facilitated by sales reps currently being trained by SWAI. On this dedicated page within the dealer portal, managers can view AI-generated summaries and deal status indicators for each active conversation, updated every 30 seconds. If needed, managers have the option to select any active conversation to view a detailed speech-to-text transcription. This feature empowers managers to stay informed about live interactions, providing them with the insights necessary to support their sales team effectively, closing more deals in real time, while ensuring smooth customer engagements.

All Conversations Feature

The All Conversations feature provides dealer managers with a comprehensive page on the dealer portal, where they can view all customer interactions in one place. This feature includes AI-generated summaries, speech-to-text transcriptions, and detailed conversation records that highlight how interactions began and ended, complete with timestamps. Managers can also access training insights for conversations that did not result in a sale. This includes identifying the specific objections that halted the transaction and outlining the training provided to sales reps on how to better handle such situations in the future. This holistic view enables managers to monitor performance, identify patterns, and implement targeted improvements to enhance overall sales effectiveness. Please note that all Personal Identifiable Information or (PII) will be redacted from all conversations. Transcriptions are for training and compliance purposes only.

Stop Conversation Feature

The Stop Conversation feature on the dealer portal empowers dealer managers with the ability to immediately halt any ongoing customer interaction. When a manager opts to stop a conversation, they are presented with two choices: they can either terminate the conversation entirely or end the conversation and move it to the “All Conversations” section for further review. This functionality provides managers with greater control over live interactions, ensuring they can intervene when necessary to maintain quality and address any issues promptly.

Conversation Summary Feature

The Conversation Summary feature leverages AI to provide a concise, summarized version of each customer interaction, offering managers a quick and clear overview of key points discussed. Updated every 30 seconds, these summaries distill lengthy conversations into essential highlights, enabling managers to swiftly assess the status and content of interactions without sifting through extensive transcripts. This real-time summarization aids in identifying areas of concern, tracking customer sentiments, and making informed decisions to guide and support sales consultants more effectively.

Deal Status Indicator Feature

The Deal Status Indicator feature employs color-coded bullet indicators to visually represent the progress of customer interactions. Green signifies smooth interactions where the sales rep is effectively engaging with the customer. Red flags interactions where the customer has raised an objection that the sales rep might be struggling to address. A black triangle represents a 5-minute warning, signaling that the customer has either agreed to purchase the vehicle or expressed an intent to leave. These critical 5-minute warnings are promptly emailed to managers and sent as notifications to the dealer portal. Managers can quickly review the exact sentence that triggered the warning, allowing them to either cancel it as a false alarm or let the conversation conclude. The system updates these deal status indicators every 30 seconds, ensuring managers have real-time insights to make timely decisions.

Speech-To-Text Transcription Feature

Our SWAI Mobile App. transcribes customer interactions in real-time, providing managers with an up-to-the-minute view of the conversations between sales consultants that SWAI has been hired to train and their customers. Utilizing advanced speech-to-text technology, the feature automatically redacts personally identifiable information (PII) to ensure privacy and compliance. Managers can now gain valuable insights into customer interactions, enabling them to offer timely guidance and support to their sales team. With this tool, managers no longer have to guess what’s being said on the floor; they have direct, actionable data to help optimize sales strategies and improve customer service.

SWAI Mobile App features

Pro Tip Feature

The Pro Tip feature is designed to empower sales reps by teaching them how to proactively avoid customer objections in the future. Many objections can be avoided with a proper sales process and strategic questioning. SWAI leverages advanced technology to identify which steps in the sales process were missed, leading to the customer objection that halted the sale. By learning these Pro Tips, consultants not only develop their skills but also gain the confidence needed to become true professionals. This feature ensures that sales reps are better equipped to navigate future interactions smoothly, enhancing their overall effectiveness and success rates.

Sales Quiz Feature

The Sales Quiz feature is designed to ensure that sales reps truly retain the training provided by SWAI. When a sales rep indicates that they have retained the training, they will trigger a quiz to validate their retention. This serves as concrete evidence to dealers that SWAI is effectively developing their sales consultants. SWAI continues to train the sales consultant on the same objection daily until they successfully pass the quiz. To reinforce this knowledge, the sales rep will receive an additional quiz on the same objection 30 days after passing it the first time. This dual-layered approach helps cement the knowledge, keeping it at the forefront of their skill set and ensuring long-term proficiency.

Identify Objection Feature

The Identify Objection feature leverages advanced AI technology to pinpoint customer objections with remarkable precision. SWAI carefully analyzes conversations to identify the exact objections that caused a customer to leave without making a purchase. This precise identification allows SWAI to provide targeted training to address these specific objections, ensuring that consultants receive training only where it is truly needed. If SWAI detects that a consultant has effectively handled an objection, allowing the conversation and sales process to continue, it will not provide additional training on that point. This focused approach minimizes wasted time and enhances the efficiency of the training process, ultimately improving sales performance.

AI Suggestion Feature

The AI Suggestion feature, branded as SWAI training, is designed to enhance the sales capabilities of consultants. By analyzing thousands of conversations, SWAI ranks responses to common customer objections and always provides the top-ranked response. This ensures that sales consultants are equipped with the most effective rebuttals to move future customers along the sales process efficiently when faced with similar objections. This continuous, data-driven training approach substantially improves sales outcomes.

Machine Learning in SWAI

SWAI leverages advanced machine learning technology to continuously monitor all training materials, ensuring that sales representatives do not miss the same objection twice. By analyzing interactions and identifying recurring objections, SWAI dynamically updates the training content to address gaps in knowledge and skills. The system ranks responses based on their effectiveness, providing sales reps with the top-performing strategies and ensuring the highest quality training.
Additionally, machine learning capabilities in SWAI offer several other advantages:
  • Pattern Recognition: Detects patterns in customer interactions, helping to predict potential objections and prepare reps in advance.
  • Personalized Training: Tailors training modules to individual needs by analyzing each rep’s performance and areas for improvement.
  • Performance Tracking: Continuously evaluates sales reps’ performance, helping managers identify top performers and those needing additional support.
  • Adaptive Learning: Updates and refines training materials based on the latest data, ensuring that the content remains relevant and effective.

By integrating these machine learning functionalities, SWAI not only enhances the training experience but also boosts overall sales performance through continuous improvement and data-driven insights.

Sales Process Feature

The Sales Process feature offers a best-practice framework derived from analyzing thousands of interactions, providing a proven roadmap for effective sales conversations. This feature ensures that sales reps follow a structured, data-driven approach that maximizes success rates. Additionally, dealers have the flexibility to customize this feature by replacing the standard process with their own tailored sales methodology. This custom process will be exclusively provided to their sales team, allowing dealers to align SWAI’s guidance with their unique sales strategies and preferences. This dual-option feature ensures that all sales reps receive the most relevant and effective training.